Beth's Friends Fondeaux

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Armstrong Park - 701 N. Rampart St. New Orleans, LA

Let's Ride!!!


Beth's Friends Fondeaux is a fundraising bike ride in New Orleans.  This year, we will be riding over 2 Bridges and through 2 Parishes!  We will have food and entertainment at the Start/Finish line as well!

The ride begins at 7:30 AM at the main entrance to Armstrong Park, across from the French Quarter, and explores the CBD, passing sites such as Rouler, Lafayette Square, and the World War II Museum complex.  The shorter 10 mile route will consist of 4 loops of the CBD and return to Armstong Park.  Feel free to increase or decrease the the amount of laps you do to get a shorter or longer route!

The full 50 mile route and the 25 mile route will leave the CBD via the Crescent City Connection HOV lanes, which will be closed to traffic, and head toward Algiers Point, passing sites such as the LA SPCA and Federal City.  Riders will then head down the Mississippi River Levee Path toward the Woodland Bridge.  25 mile riders will turn around before crossing the Woodland Bridge.

The 50 mile riders will cross the Woodland Bridge and head toward English Turn, proceeding all the way to the Audubon Wilderness Park before turning around.  They will then head toward Belle Chasse to the Ferry Landing and Plaquemines Parish Sheriff's Office, where they will again turn around and head back over the Woodland Bridge towards Algiers.

When heading back through Algiers Point, 25 mile and 50 mile riders will pass sites such as Confetti Kids Park, Delcazal Playground, and the Federal City *NAVY* water tower.  They will then head back over the Crescent City Connection Bridge HOV Lanes and back toward Armstrong Park, passing the Richard & Annette Bloch Cancer Survivors Plaza in the final mile of the ride.

We will have rest stop locations at key points throughout the ride.

The ride and the start/finish line party will be at Armstrong Park.  We will have food, entertainment, merchandise, and much more!  Bring the whole family to join in the fun!

Route Maps:

50 Mile Route

25 Mile Route

10 Mile Route

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